Green Tea Watermelon Juice with Fresh Mint and Strawberries

It’s officially summer, and whats more delicious than refreshing and hydrating watermelon? Blend it up with some homemade iced green tea, fresh strawberries and a little mint, and you have one of the most amazing drinks to sip on all summer long.  Each sip is packed with powerful phytochemicals, ready to boost your body while

Simple Rosemary and Honey Infused Yogurt

A simple and delicious recipe that will have you wondering why you never tried infusing yogurt before. Top this ravishing rosemary yogurt with a little Grain-Free Homemade Muesli and berries, and then give yourself a pat on the back for creating such a no-hassle, fancy pants breakfast. Cheers and enjoy! For a simple and nourishing muesli

Brunch Better with Maple-Almond Yogurt Filled Strawberries

Here on EatLaughDrink I don’t post a lot of “sweet” or dessert foods. This is mostly because I’m a sucker for salt and sweets are kind of second best in my life (sorry if I offended an chocolate/dessert lovers). I do however, like some sweetness in my life every once and a while, and when